Federal Budget 2017 Forces First Homebuyers to Live in Self-storage Boxes


Unproudly sponsored by TaxiBox

Savvy first homebuyers looking to get into the not-being-homeless market in Sydney after today’s Federal Budget announcement have begun investing in “alternative housing”, with self-storage boxes from companies such as TaxiBox emerging as a popular choice.

“I was originally going to store my stuff and sleep on the street but then I saw the words ‘self storage’ on the box and had a light-bulb moment – why not literally store my self?” one proud new homeowner said. “I’m from the eastern suburbs so most of my friends were gifted an apartment or two for their 18th birthday, but my parents are just regular millionaire Aussie battlers, so I’ve had to fend for myself since graduating from Cranbrook.”

While critics have bemoaned the lack of natural light and air, real estate agents have embraced the trend, with one listing a TaxiBox self-storage container as a “New York-style blank canvas with outstanding potential to add value”, noting that the company “even brings your new home to you – who else offers a service like that?”.


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