Snortable Paracetamol Launched in Bid to Target Millennials


A snortable version of paracetamol designed to appeal to the headache-prone millennial market is set to launch in chemists nationally next month, big pharma has announced.

The move has been met with mild enthusiasm from the youth market, which experts say indicates that they are wildly excited about the idea.

“I get a steaming hangover nearly every morning, but instead of old-fashioned stuff like paracetamol, I usually go straight for the Xanax or oxycodone,” mumbled one Sydney youngster enjoying life to the fullest. “But I’d deffo do a few lines of paracetamol if I could get a snortable version.”

If sales take off, injectable and smokable versions of paracetamol will be added to the youth-branded range of over-the-counter pain relief later this year.

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