Pokie Icon Queen of the Nile named 2017 Australian of the Year


Long-serving poker-machine favourite the Queen of the Nile has been named 2017 Australian of the Year, in a move that promises to put gender equality, multiculturalism and decent feature payouts at the top of the national agenda.

Although the semi-retired pokie star has been moved to the corner of many VIP rooms with newer, flashier machines taking her place, she remains a sentimental favourite and “must have” of any gaming lounge, a Clubs NSW spokesperson said.

“Pubs used to be the domain of men, but our girl has become an unlikely feminist hero,” he said. “Sure, she’s been knocked about by a few lads who’ve lost their pay checks in a few hits, but she’s built for slapping and she always gets her revenge ─ I’m yet to see anyone get the best of her.”

Malcolm Turnbull is set to present the award at leading pokie destination, Penrith Panthers, if he hasn’t resigned or been overthrown by this afternoon.

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