Sydney Band Takes Break from Gruelling Sex Tour to Play Music


Progressive post-rock band We Lost the Sea is tonight set to perform live at the Newtown Social Club in Sydney, in a move the music industry has described as “novel and brave”

“There’s a reason ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ comes last in the biblical saying ‘sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’,” the band’s manager said. “But rock is all about rebelling and tonight, we’re putting the music first.”

Band members said they were relaxed about the upcoming gig, despite not having touched their instruments since a promotional photo shoot three years ago.

“Tuning a guitar can’t be as hard as tuning a hot girl, so I think we’ll be okay,” the bass player said.

The Newtown shows is set to be the band’s second last Australian appearance before beginning a European tour where the manager says they “might also play a few gigs”.

One of the band’s three guitarists has left the band in protest of the sex break.

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