All-in Brawl Breaks Out at Private Girls’ School as Students Realise they are all Wearing Same Outfit


An elite Sydney private school has suffered a fashion emergency this morning when fighting broke out after students realised they were all wearing the same outfit.

Witnesses have speculated that the brawl may have been inspired by leaked footage from Channel 9 that showed newsreader Amber Sherlock chastising a colleague and forcing her to change to avoid them and their guest all wearing white tops during a live panel segment.

While some have called for Sherlock’s resignation over the outburst, others are applauding her “brave stance against whitewashing in the media”.

The aggressive exchange resulted in an unfortunate beheading for Channel 9’s wardrobe commander-in-chief Ray Martin who will be fondly remembered for his oven-baked hair.

Parents helped to break up the brawl at the school and promised to help avoid any more deaths by taking their children to buy Prada jackets in contrasting colours.



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