Test Cricket to Introduce Tackling


Test cricket is set to introduce new rules allowing bowlers to tackle batsman running between wickets, with batsman able to defend themselves using their bat.

Dubbed Ultimate Fighting Cricket (UFC), the revised game is a bid to modernise the sport, a Cricket Australia spokesperson said.

“Cricket has gotten a bit dull when you compare it to other sports like regular UFC or World of Warcraft,” he said. “Kids these days want blood, and we’re going to give it to them.”

Along with the new rule allowing tackling, a batsman can now be dismissed by a groin shot (AKA third-leg-before-wicket), giving bowlers further incentive to draw blood for the thirsty crowd.

“What a brilliant idea,” one cricket fan said. “The white clothing will really show off the blood stains on TV.” Another fan said the new rules were “overdue” and that “backyard players have been doing this for years”.

If UFC proves successful, officials will introduce a cage-match format next season.

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