Santa Locked Out of Sydney This Christmas

Father Christmas is in violation of lockout laws and will be shot out of the sky if spotted near Sydney, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has said, describing the Australian tradition of leaving an alcoholic beverage out for Santa on Christmas Eve as “extremely problematic”.

“By leaving a slab of beer or a carton of Jägerbombs out for Santa in exchange for the presents he leaves, people are turning their homes into licensed premises,” Berejiklian said. “So, unless Santa comes in the afternoon, or drops all the gifts off at the casino, I’m afraid he won’t be welcome in Sydney this year.”

Parents across Sydney have been told to warn their children in advance, with a NSW government spokesperson advising parents to ease the trauma by telling small children “Santa isn’t real” or that he died.

One thought on “Santa Locked Out of Sydney This Christmas

  1. Bull twaddle. Santa is an honored and welcome guest in many homes and Aussies are generous toward their guests, whether that is demonstrated by offering a nice cup of tea and a bikkie to dunk or a cold one on a hot summer’s evening, it doesn’t matter.


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