2019 to Begin at 9 pm on December 31 in Sydney

In a bid to avoid people being too tired on January 1, the NSW government has officially adjusted time and calendars so that Sydney can celebrate New Year’s Eve in a more “sensible” fashion, with the city’s famous fireworks displays being moved to 6 pm for children and 9 pm for grown-ups.

“12 am is a ridiculous time to still be up,” a NSW government spokesperson said. “This way, people can celebrate in an orderly and controlled manner, then be home in bed by the Surgeon General’s recommended time of 10:30 pm.”

The move tests the waters for strict new bedtime laws to be introduced in NSW from March 2019, amid growing concerns about people abusing their free time to stay up late, causing chronic weariness the next day.

Also under review is Sydney’s Vivid light festival, which is under pressure from the government to be moved to the daytime.

7 thoughts on “2019 to Begin at 9 pm on December 31 in Sydney

  1. This would have to be the most stupid idea I have heard

    I work in hospitality and I know a lot of other people do also and we done finish work until 10-11 and I would like to actually see the fireworks like I do every year and enjoy them with my family it’s one day every year if people find it too late then they should watch the children fireworks and go to bed


  2. How pathetic when its not even dark at 6pm for the kids??
    Whose government is this tht is saying this??
    Geez ppl r trying to stop our Australia Day etc n now our NYEs celebrations seriously come on guys meaning OUR supposed government!!!
    We r Australian n love our celebrations n regardless Aussies all over will still be celebrating to the wee hours of the morning n this is only going to make more auasies get fireworks illegally seriously!!!


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