Toenail Clipper Shortage as Men Gear Up for Yearly Trim


Toenail clippers have sold out across NSW as men begin their yearly trim for the summer thong season. The shortage has seen the price of clippers rise to a record high of $3.95 in some Sydney supermarkets, forcing thousands of men to wear closed-toe shoes until the price stabilises.

Dedicated thong wearers are biting the bullet, however, with one Botany local saying he’d even invested in a set of double-strength clippers ahead of this year’s trim.

“I usually don’t stop cutting until I see blood, so I’m surprised how long they’ve gotten in just a year,” he said. “I could cut a sandwich with this one!”

Redfern electrician Peter Smith told the Sydney Sentinel skipping a year had proven costly for him.

“I took a year off as I didn’t want to come across as some fruity hipster,” he said. “But I won’t do that again as I just ended up tunnelling through all my socks.”

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