Man Avoids 243 Traffic Fines After Forgetting he Wasn’t On His Bicycle


A Sydney man has beaten 243 traffic charges ranging from failure to stop at red lights to manslaughter, after explaining he’d simply forgotten he wasn’t riding his bike to work as usual that morning.

The judge dismissed the charges within minutes, telling the court the case was “a waste of time and tax payers’ money”.

“These charges are yet another example of poor police decision making,” he said, adding that he had made similar mistakes himself many mornings when he’d swapped his bicycle for his car due to rain, sickness, hangover, a Netflix binge the previous night, misadventure, or general laziness.

“Cyclists should not be punished for expressing themselves on the road in different vehicles”.

The man is due to appear in court again tomorrow to face 345 new cycling offenses, the first of which he received as he left the courthouse for celebrations at a local pub.

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