Woman in a coma from shock after receiving refund from her Private Health Insurance


A Surry Hills woman is in a coma today from the shock she received after swiping her private health insurance card and receiving a $2.50 refund on her prescription reading glasses, reducing the out-of-pocket cost to just $452 for the frames, lenses, case, cleaning spray, cleaning cloth and Ray-Ban sticker.

“I’ve swiped this card more times than a stoner has swiped choccie bars from the local servo and this is the first time it’s paid off,” she was reported to say before passing out. “I thought my new glasses were faulty when the screen showed the $2.50 discount.”

The woman’s partner added that he had exciting plans for the unexpected windfall, including covering her funeral expenses if she doesn’t pull through, or “a few romantic hits on Lucky 88” together if she recovers.

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