Sleepytime Tea Knocks Out Sydney Sentinel Team


The Sydney Sentinel is warning readers to limit themselves to the recommended serving of one cup of Sleepytime herbal tea after our entire team was wiped out by a particularly strong brew on the day of the Melbourne Cup.

“I woke up two weeks later on the kitchen floor,” one Sydney Sentinel reporter said. “For several hours afterwards, I thought I was a bear wearing a nightgown and hat.”

“I also had a dream about a bear in a nightgown and hat, but I’d rather not say anything else about it, other than that sleep was the last thing on his mind,” a picture editor said.

Drinkers of Sleepytime tea are advised to have their teabags lab tested or simply stick to one cup to avoid a two-week coma.

Ed’s note: the Sydney Sentinel may also have consumed alcohol, Valium and Oxycodone, but we are fairly sure the Sleepytime tea was to blame.

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