Generous Local Donates Poker Machine Winnings Back to Club


Kingsford local Peter Panner has been hailed a “legend” for donating his poker machine winnings straight back to another machine within 20 minutes of winning the major jackpot on Big Red yesterday.

“It’s this sort of thing that allows us clubs to give back to the community,” a club spokesperson said while sipping a Fluffy Duck cocktail during an early morning interview with the Sydney Sentinel at his mansion overlooking the Napean River. “Look at that public playground there within my fence – without people like Peter, these developments simply wouldn’t be possible.”

Peter Panner said he wasn’t really thinking of others when he lost his winnings but is glad his misfortune could help fund a new barbecue and beer garden within the club. “I’m going to have to really put in the hours to win my money back, so it’s nice to know I’ll be able to do so in comfort,” he said.

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