Uber Driver Almost Earns Enough to Make Monthly Car Payment


A Sydney-based Uber driver is “ecstatic” to have almost made this month’s loan payment for the car he had to purchase to qualify for the job.

“I’m so happy I almost bought myself a can of beer to celebrate,” the driver said. “But then I realised I still had lots of bills for bottled water and mints to pay, so I just drove home with the air con on and the music slightly louder than usual.”

His family is thrilled the man left his previous job as a kindergarten teacher, where the short hours meant “he was always home”, his wife said. “He’s now out of the house a good 20 to 23 hours a day, which really gives me back my me time.”

A shirtless male who was present when the Sydney Sentinel interviewed the wife described himself as “nobody” and “not here” but said he was also “very happy with the situation”.

One thought on “Uber Driver Almost Earns Enough to Make Monthly Car Payment

  1. We all know that is not about money, uber creepy losers brainwashed love to meet interesting people like you in 16 hours daily of their spare time, get good ratings and generate a supplemental income with Travis state of the art disruptive technology lol
    In order to drive for Travis you have to have a legitimate income source
    Not necessarily a job; can be ssi, welfare, pension, disability, general relief, food stamps; parents support, own business, charity………ect
    Travis formula for success :
    Uber more Low rates = (more happy enthusiastics, dynamics,efficients creepy losers drivers) + (more cheap, frugal, entitled, rude, cretins, abusive , libertine, disgusting, arrogant, classless, shameless drunks pseudo riders) + (less taxis)


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