Life Still Rubbish For Most Fans Despite Grand Final Win

As the overwhelming joy fans felt while watching their teams win a premiership subsides, life is returning to normal for the majority of West Coast Eagles and Sydney Roosters fans.

“I suddenly realised I hadn’t actually achieved anything,” one Sydney Roosters supporter said. “Except for almost beating the pub record of downing 398 schooners in one game.”

Others were slightly more optimistic.

“Well, at least I don’t have to go to work today, thanks to the public holiday,” one fan of the winning side said. “But I can’t afford to do much, my face-paint bill is huge.”

Supporters of the losing teams were even more remorseful.

“If you don’t bet everything you have on your team winning, you’re not a real fan,” one man said.

“So I don’t think losing the house, car and life savings was really my fault, but it’s going to be a tough few years.”

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