Commuters to Board Trains Before Letting People Off Under New Rules


Sydney commuters are being urged to board trains and buses before letting passengers off, after a man was trampled to death on his way to work this morning.

Transport officials described the new rule as a “win for mob mentality”.

“It’s clear the old rule of letting people off before attempting to board a bus or train, as intuitive as it sounds, wasn’t working,” a transport official said. “We have simply had too many fatal stampedes. The people have spoken with their feet and we have listened.”

Commuters have largely welcomed the move, with many saying it will be a relief to no longer be forced to break the rules every day.

“I know I’m supposed to wait for people to get off first, but I just can’t help myself,” one commuter admitted. “When those train doors open, it’s like a vortex pulling me in and I lose all self control.”

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