Sydney Man Repeats Weekend Misadventures For 39th Week Straight


After last week swearing off ever having another weekend of excess-fuelled misadventures, Sydney office worker Tom O’Connell has repeated the same mistakes.

O’Connell, a 38-year-old Randwick resident who awoke at 11am on Sunday to find himself in a 42-bed youth hostel in Blacktown, told the Sydney Sentinel it all started when the drinks trolley rolled past his desk on Friday afternoon.

“I really don’t think it’s my fault,” he said. “Who wouldn’t want to take the edge off after the week I had? The constant fear, cripplingly debt, mysterious injuries from accidents I couldn’t remember – I thought I really deserved a drink for getting through it all.”

Experts agree, with a CSIRO report noting: “New research shows that life-threatening benders are the only way to deal with day-to-day work. A walk in the park or herbal tea can only do so much to clear the head – modern-day pressures call for something more aggressive.”

Despite these recommendations, O’Connell said he’s “definitely not drinking again. Except today, of course. How else could I recover from last night?”

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