Brown Service Taxis Allows Revellers to Soil Themselves on The Way Home


A once-prestigious Sydney taxi company has rebranded its fleet of ageing cars as “Brown Service”, promising those who have overdone things on a night out a safe place to be sick, eat a kebab, or lose control of their bladder and bowel movements as they make their way home, without receiving the usual $50 clean-up fee.

“It was impossible for us to compete with the cleanliness and safety of Uber, Sydney Trains, or hitch-hiking, so we decided to target a market that would appreciate a ride where they can let it all out after a night out,” a Brown Service executive told the Sydney Sentinel.

A spokesperson for transport NSW said the move was “a breath of fresh air”.

“The last time I hopped into one of their taxis, the driver’s air biscuit almost cost me my lunch and a $50 clean-up fee, so I feel they are playing to their strengths,” he said. “This is a really smart move.”

Drivers have also welcomed the decision.

“I eat, smoke, and go to the toilet in my cab, so why not extend the same courtesy to my passengers?” said one driver. “This way it’s fair for everyone.”

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