Trio of Guns N’ Roses Fans Still on it Since Eastern Creek Show in 1993


Some lucky Guns N’ Roses fans are planning to make it a double header by beginning and ending a night with Axl, Slash, Duff and the boys, as the band announces its first trip back to Australia since ’93.

“We didn’t even plan it or nothing,” said one man, who only identified himself as Robbo, swigging back a leftover KB Lager. “We just kinda, you know, kicked on from a good show and suddenly before we’ve called it a night, the boys are calling it another day!”

A second man, who goes by the name “just Ben. You know, like Kylie or Agro”, said he was stunned by news the band was returning in February. “We were just about to go home, you know, make it nice and even 20-something years, didn’t want to get too carried away, but after hearing the radio advertisement on the radio on the pub radio I just knew I had to dig deep and power on until the next show,” he said.

Sadly, William, the third member of the group, who was still wearing brown and orange Aussie Flag shorts (that looked as if they might have once been green and gold) from the big night in ’93, was unconscious the entire time the Sydney Sentinel spent with the loveable threesome at the Rooty Hill Casino.

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