Childless Woman Admits She Really is Just Selfish


A Sydney woman who openly admits to planning not to have children despite the fact she is biologically capable of doing so has spoken out, saying she’s sick of trying to hide her selfish nature.

“I just really want to focus on my career, volunteer work and being a good friend, aunt and daughter to my own obviously non-selfish mother,” she said, adding that a number of well-meaning relatives had ensured she was made fully aware that this choice would be a waste of her “childbearing hips” and mean she would “never experience true love or happiness”.

“I know it’s very self-centered not to want to contribute to global overpopulation issues or have children of my own despite the fact there are so many in state care,” she said. “But I do my best to make up for it by paying taxes to help support schools, single-parent pensions and maternity leave, and by babysitting for friends and family.”

The comments came in the wake of a statement recently issued by a Sydney-based taxi company, claiming it was doing its best to tackle exactly this kind of “rampant selfishness in women, which is particularly noticeable among those who live or work in the inner city”.

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