Mike Baird Calls June’s Sydney Storm a Success


NSW Premier Mike Baird today praised the storm that caused havoc in Sydney last month, calling it “the storm we had to have”.

Just weeks after the storm had settled, Baird gleefully showed off his plans to refresh both the battered Coogee Surf Club and the clobbered Narrabeen residential strip into multi-story casinos at least eight times the size of South Juniors Leagues Club.

“Why does the harbour have to have all the fun?” Baird said, referring to Star and Crown entertaining Darling and Sydney Harbour. “Now Sydney’s beaches will feel complete with casinos of their own. Slip on some sun cream, slop on a hat, and slap on the pokies! It’s beautiful.”

“My house wasn’t even damaged,” Roger of Punchbowl said, expressing his disappointment when the bulldozers arrived early today, disturbing his morning tea and crumpet. “I had the sprinkler on, but I don’t think it even rained out here.”

Baird promised both venues will not be affected by the lockout laws.

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